Welcome 2013 !

Dengan lafaz Bismillah hirohma nirrahim..


Alhamdulillah 2012 ends today with its own stories to tell.

And hello and salam to 2013 with more to add on and rejoice, In Syaa Allah 🙂

Happy new year to all !

Tahniah Abang Ngah!


Alhamdulillah debaran PMR 2012 sudah berakhir 🙂

Our son, Abang Ngah has made us proud.  Everyone was so happy and thankful.

Tapi bro, sorry.  Kakak’s record is to stay for now 🙂 *sarah is ready for the challenge?*

Apapun, all of us indulges in laughter and merriment.  It was a good day as we celebrated the rezq yang Allah SWT beri berkat usaha kuat dan solat tuan empunya badan, tunjuk ajar guru-guru, sokongan semua sahabat, doa ibu dan ayah yang tidak pernah putus, doa dan harapan from kakak dan adik-adik and the dear families.

From all of us, we humbly say thank you.  To all.  Allah SWT the most.

*If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it* 🙂

hazim2  hazim1hazim3










It must have been such a happy day, later that night, his Pak Anjang and his batalion came for supper with our PMR achiever.  And with the sinful Baskin Robbin Ice Cream 🙂 hehe * arghhhh*












Congratulations again, dear son.


Legoland Aku Datang, Again !



Yeah yaay.  Legoland, kami datang again last 8 December 2012.

This time round, with our big twos.  The last preview trip, they missed it as the tickets were unlimited.

Legoland has not changed much from the last trip we made.  Packed as anticipated.

My advice, avoid school holidays or even weekend.  The queque for all rides are long. Super long infact.

Take leave from work to take your kids on weekdays instead.

And if your child is above certain height and age, this is the place to bring them.  They will have lots of fun.

I am not writing anything about Legoland as you should come and experience yourself 🙂

I only have a story to share about my little boy.  This boy,

lego1You know my son, Ajin.

He was lost in Legoland the other day.  I got separated from him out of a mis-communication between us two.  Luckily, I told him earlier that day, if at all you were lost and did not manage to locate Ibu, rules number one – do  not panic.

I told him just go to any nice looking person and tell him or her that you need to borrow a phone to call me.  And he did just that when he realized I was not anywhere near.

Alhamdulillah, his dad managed to locate him and all ended well * don’t be mad* 😀

And on the last day before we left JB that weekend, we had our breakfast overlooking JB city from the deck of our hotel.


The holiday was a much needed break as usual for us all before school opens.

See ya later peeps!