Penang 2012, A family reunion…

Caption gambar (from left) – Miza, Mustafa, Farhan (tersepit), Sarah, Adam (also tersepit), Faris & Firdaus (the twin), Syaza, Arisya, Razin &  Ali (bff) and dalam pangkuan is Layla.

All of them in the photo are cousins by blood, Alhamdulillah.  12 al-together !

The photo was spontaneous, snapped during our family (my hubby’s side) road trip to Penang on 14 – 18 November 2012.

As our youngest sister, Awa and hubby invited us all for a family wedding during a school holiday in Penang, we quickly plan a family vacation as well.  Alhamdulillah, it  was a trip well-planned, with lotsa activities for all.  Children were thrilled and happy, daddies semua kekeringan uwang :), hehe and mommies semua enjoyed shopping walau kepenatan yang teramat.

We snapped thousand of photos as it was a happy time.  You may find it our fb and our children fbs, twitter and instragram, of course. Thank you technology ! 😀

Lots to tell but one thing for sure, this family reunion and roadtrip brings all of us closer, if not tighter!

Okay guys, lets plan another trip soon 🙂

Our Abang Ngah is 51, eh 15 :)

Alhamdulillah syukur to Allah SWT as He has blessed our firstborn son with long and good life as he celebrates his glorious birthday today, 11.11.2012.


Doa Ibu and ayah is always with you sayang. May Allah SWT keep you safe all the time and may He fulfill all the dream that your heart ever desires 🙂

We love you very much till Jannah.

And on this lovely date, his cousin cum my anak sedara cum Razin’s bff 🙂 , Ali Hamzah also celebrates his 7th birthday.


Happy birthday Ali!

And InsyaAllah, before today ends, my another nephew, Wari will officially become daddy as his baby InsyaAllah will also have today as his birthday. To his beloved wifey, Wani – hang in there as you shall bring beautiful ummah into this world. InsyaAllah semuanya akan selamat dan dipermudahkanNya.

So okay. To all birthday boys, happy happy birthday with so much love!!!