The Magical Legoland 2012

Hi peeps.  Salam 🙂

Syawal 2012, lots had taken place in our routines and life.  Weekends in Syawal especially.  Sangat hectic.

First week Syawal – Balik kampung beraya.

Second week Syawal – Awa bersalin.  Rumah we al jadi kem tadika 🙂

Third week Syawal – Pergi Legoland. Ada preview invite.

Final Week Syawal  –  Balik Melaka. Ada wedding. Anak Abang Chaai nikah

Hmm there goes Syawal 2012.  No makan-makan, no open house this year 😦  But we had a good raya, Alhamdulillah..

Speaking of Legoland, which gloriously opens its door to all Malaysians on 15th September 2012  – Well, my family had a better deal 😀

En Hubby got an invite.  A private preview on 7 September 2012.  Just a week before it was open to the public. Yaay !

So, we all pergi-lah.  Dan marilah berkongsi sedikit gambar.  Frankly speaking, there were tons of pics.  Tak larat nak upload.  So, here are some pieces of them ya.

It was a magical experience for our juniors, Alhamdulillah.

So guys, apa lagi.  Plan the trip down south soon kay and be on the look out for the small details 🙂

Have fun!!


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