Where does the time go?

A friend once said – masa itu macam lalat (time flies)?

Cuba lah bunuh lalat, tengok kalau dapat. Sazzzz lajuuu jer dia terbang kan? Begitulah agaknya omputih dapat “time flies” tuh 😀

As fast as the time flies, tomorrow InsyaAllah will mark my another year in becoming older and hopefully wiser 🙂

I am afterall, trying very hard 🙂

Ramadhan this year also leaving us very fast. Today is the 17th day already. Laju kan? MasyaAllah.

As fast as time is flying, I cite my syukur Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah – for everything it is that He has bestowed upon me. For each day that I breathe. For giving me the chance to seek His forgiveness in becoming one of His servant who is yearning and Insya Allah will be in one of His Jannah, when my time is up.

As today is another day for me, I am planning to make it the best! 🙂

Happy fasting peeps!

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