Salam Lebaran 2012

Salam Eid Mubarak!

Sayu bersalam di Aidil Fitri
Bermaaf-maafan sesama kami
Kami menyusun sepuluh jari
Bagi semua kekhilafan diri

Di pagi syawal berhias indah
Hati girang tidak terkata
Mari lupakan segala gundah
Hari raya disambut gembira !


29 Ramadhan 2012 :(


InsyaALLAH selesailah sudah Ramadhan 2012 hari ini, Alhamdulillah.
As I am lying on this bed in my kampung now looking up and thought, “Ya Allah, bertemukah aku lagi dengan Ramadhan akan datang”… Sedih kan? 😦


Lets not be teary hani and solat subuh.

Today, dah berapa hari kita puasa, Ibu..

As Ramadhan 2012 draws to a close, most of us are busy gearing for Eid celebration and probably do not even notice that Ramadhan 2012 will soon leave 😦

There are so much to tell of Ramadhan 2012 which soon be over. 24 hours in each Ramadhan days nowadays passes like a rocket.

Perumpamaan ‘time flies’ dah rasa kurang sesuai as it is not longer ‘flying’, tapi dah laju macam jet atau roket.

And this morning, as I was speaking with my chatty 7 year old boy, he asked, “today dah berapa hari kita puasa, Ibu?”. And as I answered him, “26 sayang”, hati terasa sangat sayu..


Mudahan-mudahan Allah SWT memberi Barakah dan memanjangkan umur Hani dan keluarga untuk bertamu lagi dengan RamadhanNya yang akan datang, InsyaAllah.

My son, Ajin is the youngest in our family and is undergoing ‘extensive’ training to fast this Ramadhan. Last year, as I wrote THIS about his puasa days, I thought, “ghee, penat jugak melatih budak neh rupanya”.

However this year, Alhamdulillah he has been fasting with almost zero fuss. He is very happy fasting and has made it easy for me and his ayah 🙂

For the past few days, he has eventually started to calculate his days to raya. Bukan apa, nak collect duit raya la tuh.

To Ajin, for record purposes, this year, todate you dah berpuasa selama 24 hari (minus the first two days ok sayang).

Ibu am soooo proud of you 🙂

Please ignore mata dia yang ‘dijulingkannya itu’ 😀

He is such a sweetheart.

Kami kelik kelate

Entry hok neh adolah entry sene hati.

Namo dio entry rayo.

Bakpo mato berbeliok tuh.

Dok pahe?

Hok aloh.

Kami anok-beranok dok suko neh 🙂

Sebab rayo tahun neh, kami kelik kelate 😀


.. and what did I get?

Every other year, one looks forward for their birthday.

I watched my five children growing up and each passing year, all of them would be counting months to their next birthday.  I wonder why at times but I sensed the happy feeling.  Its like an achievement of something big.  Me for one is very sentimental with birthdays (I also wonder why. hehe).

But Im guessing, this is the special day when you feel that everyone loooooveeesss you 🙂

Even, every other day, you indeed being loved, but birthdays is special in its own way. Kan?

I turned a year older yesterday, Alhamdulillah.

And how did I feel?  L.o.v.e.d-lah 😀

My princess, Sarah made a special posting/tribute at her blog for me.  Read her PIECE..

Ouch.  Menangis hati Ibu sayang 🙂 *My Heart Cries*.  It is so sweet of you, thank you.

Betterhalf is never ending loving me, birthday or not, so lets not go there 🙂  Love you till Jannah in return, darling. Always…

Then of course, the cards from the children.

aaaaaaaa *heart melts*.  Even I received so many cards every other month for various occasions from all of you kiddos, Ibu is always looking forward for another card.  Thank you sweeties.  Sweet sangat 🙂

Closer to work place, this year, Hani lagi sekali terkena.  Ironically, with the very same trick! Wakenababe, again.

The Mori Cake was amazing, thank you guys.  I love all of you to bits, Alhamdulillah.

And of course, my babes who texted me right from the clock strike 12 of 7 August to the late of August 7 to tell me how much they love me.  And in return, I love you even more!

Ok, sebelum saya menangis, I better stop here.

Salam Ramadhan peeps.

Somethin’ Light hits 100,000!

Yaayyyy!!!! Hip Hip Hooray.. Go IBU!! hehe .

Congrats Somethin’ Light. Congrats Hani 🙂

Most importanty, thank you to all who actually find time to come and read.  I lap you-lah! 😀


Where does the time go?

A friend once said – masa itu macam lalat (time flies)?

Cuba lah bunuh lalat, tengok kalau dapat. Sazzzz lajuuu jer dia terbang kan? Begitulah agaknya omputih dapat “time flies” tuh 😀

As fast as the time flies, tomorrow InsyaAllah will mark my another year in becoming older and hopefully wiser 🙂

I am afterall, trying very hard 🙂

Ramadhan this year also leaving us very fast. Today is the 17th day already. Laju kan? MasyaAllah.

As fast as time is flying, I cite my syukur Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah – for everything it is that He has bestowed upon me. For each day that I breathe. For giving me the chance to seek His forgiveness in becoming one of His servant who is yearning and Insya Allah will be in one of His Jannah, when my time is up.

As today is another day for me, I am planning to make it the best! 🙂

Happy fasting peeps!