Words from heart for Arwah Yasmin J Hunwick’s mom

This is a special entry written from heart of a mother to another mother..

Allahyarham Yasmin was only 17 years old bila Allah SWT menjemputnya semula on the sad 3 June of 2012. It was a day to my 19th wedding anniversary in fact.

A sad day, that …

A mother just lost her first born
A father just lost his young baby
Siblings’ loss of an elder sister
Friends grieved for loss of a great friend


The whole arwah Yasmin trending things over the net somehow hit me. Probably because I am also a mother. And I have an 18 year old myself.

Every single breath that I took, I think of my 18 year old. And in every single prayers, I mentioned her name to Allah SWT. For Him to keep her safe at all time..from just anything at all that could harm her..

And infact all of mothers out there do the same for their children.

And these past few days with arwah Yasmin’s passing, my thought is with her mom. I pray that Allah SWT gives her the emotional strength to move on during these trying times 😦


The sadness will never go away I know for her, but may Allah SWT rewards her young arwah Yasmin Jannah. May both mommy and daughter be together again in Jannah, InsyaAllah.

Allah SWT in all His Greatness and Wisdom has a greater plan for Arwah Yasmin, that we have faith. We just could not see it, yet.

Last night, me and my lil princessess, Sarah, 11 and Syaza, 9, cited our Yasin prayers and includes Yasmin’s name in our doa. Moga Allah makbulkan arwah dilindungi Allah, luas bercahaya kuburnya, dapat syafaat Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. dan menjadi penghuni Jannah. Allah Maha Pengampun Maha Penyayang.

I had the goosebumps in my stomach now 😦 and wish my salam to arwah Yasmin’s mother, wherever she may be now…

12 Replies to “Words from heart for Arwah Yasmin J Hunwick’s mom”

  1. Dear Sister, i m so touched by your comments for me, arwah & family. I guess mothers would understand better in this time of grief. As muslimah i must accept Allah SWT Qada & Qadar. I am sure arwah would like to see me and family continue with our life in the path that HE redha. Hanya Allah SWT dapat balas budi anda. InsyaAllah.


    1. Assalamualaikum,
      Takziah on yr lost. B strong cos setiap musibah ada hikmahnya. Ujian ALLAH tak pernah berhenti namun ALLAH tak akan memberati hambanya. I read this book once”Penawar Orang Yang Ditimpa Musibah”, its a very good book.


  2. MasyaALLAH dimakbulkanNya doa hati kecil saya untuk bersapa dengan puan di alam maya. Syukur Alhamdullillah dengan doa yang berpanjangan buat arwah and all of us.

    Who knows, we might meet one day. Urusan Allah SWT amat hebat.

    Al -fatihah!


    1. Indeed, urusan Allah adalah yg terbaik. We also hope to see you one day. Doalah untuk arwah. Itu la yg terbaik untuknya di alam barzakh. Amin.


  3. Salam Sejahtera, my name is Johan ….. Arwah Yasmin’s father. I am writing this as today is the 100th day of the demise of our beloved daughter. I am very grateful for all the doa and for sharing your thoughts about Arwah Yasmin. It is indeed the sad moment for our family….. I guess can only understand a mother’s grief of the lost daughter but not able to feel it as someone who carried Arwah in her stomach for 9 months. My doa and recite of Al Fatihah has never been missing from the tragic day and will always be the ritual for me until the day i rejoin her insyaAllah.


  4. Salam En Johan. My humble apology for the delay in responding. Quite frankly, I was merely lost of words 😦 upon reading your comments here.

    May Allah SWT make it easy for you and your family. Our doa and prayers are always with arwah and your family, InsyaAllah.

    Al Fatihah!


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