Razin today

Razin as at tonight.


My poor boy, not being able to comprehend why or how on earth mukanya boleh ‘dijahit’? Hehe.

All healthy and being his usual hyper self today, he has been ‘showing off’ his stiches to almost everyone who asked why got bandage on his forehead 😀

We went to Alamanda for lunch right after errands at Immigration and he has been bragging about how heroic he was with that stich on his forehead. Hehe

Dekat 7-Eleven tadi, member siap acah-acahkan kakak kaunter yang ngeri tengok luka dia. Chewah eksen ek. Apa-apapun, Ibu syukur sangat-sangat now that you are all OK sayang.

InsyaAllah Ibu hendak berpuasa nazar esok. And when I seek my betterhalf just now for his permission to puasa, my Razin Hafizi was asking, “Ibu puasa apa?”.

So I told him, “Ibu berpuasa nazar sayang and Ibu wishes to fulfil my promise with ALLAH SWT and to return my syukur and gratitute to Him, The Almighty kerana Ajin telah selamat dan sihat dari segala kesakitan. Kerana ini sajalah yang mampu Ibu buat pada masa ini” 🙂

Apapun, we have our follow up appointment tomorrow with Mr Doctor and InsyaAllah, semua will be a ok!

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