Cerita hujung minggu

Penat sungguh sehari-dua nih, both at workplace and home.

Sometimes I wonder how long could my body cope with this arrangement and schedules.

I had recovered from demam+cough+flu hari tuh, Alhamdulillah and back to work routine on Monday.

Terus turun Johor tengok spa the next day, Tuesday.

Then, work work work.

Meeting meeting meeting.

Came Thursday kelmarin, my untie and uncle from Singapore came. Friday semalam, Good Friday rupanya, so it was a public holiday in Singapore…. Patut la.

Last night, my BIL and his family came for dinner. They wanted to congratulate Miza in person on her recent SPM achievement, Alhamdulillah.

Berkepuk-kepuk ‘congratulations’ tuh eh B? 😀

Adik-adik were nosy and menyibuk bagi pelbagai komen. Hehe jealous lah tuh.

Hah apa lagi, belajar lah bersungguh-sungguh. There is no short-cut to every success hokay my darlings? 🙂

Then, malam tadi jugak, whey my BIL and anak-anak left, we brought the Singaporeans to uptown Danau Kota and balik rumah pukul 4 pagii!!

As I am writing this now, ruang tamu rumah kita yang cinonit nih penuh dengan insan-insan yang sedang berdengkur tidur melayan penat yang belum hilang. Qada tidur malam tadi. Hiks

I guess, penat or no penat, I am so syukur for still being alive and breathing and able to be around with my loved ones!!

Jom gi carik goreng pisang panass? Nyums!

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