April 2012 & Along

April in 2012.

Four months had passed in 2012. Super fast!

And it has been quite a year to start with. My Angsana Spa Nusajaya has officially opened its door today, Alhamdulillah. My manager sent us an emotional email last night to remind us of our hardwork, sweat, team work, emotions and tears that had paid off!! Bravo team!

So, if any of you happens to be in Johore, come and feel Angsana Spa Nusajaya! Please visit us at http://www.theledang.com for details, promotions and directions.

Closer to home, life goes on as usual. Along is busy with her applications to pursue her university years. Wow dah besar anak dara Ibu. *proud*

Spare us your doa for her success. May ALLAH SWT bestows Along Barakah to pursue her dreams, InsyaALLAH!

Along also yesterday had received her first paycheck šŸ™‚ ! As for the past month, Along actually has been working and was doing cashering-ushering work at her aunt’s bakery that recently opened in our neighbourhood..

Promo sket – if you happen to be in our area, datanglah singgah @ DiBonda Bakery. They bakes an awesome varieties of cakes, muffins and breads. They smells nice too. Nyums ! šŸ™‚

Along came back home happy yesterday with the first RM. hehe

I was overwhelmed with tears and proudness as she gave some of her fist gaji to me and her ayah šŸ˜¦ *proud again*

Thank you B. May ALLAH gives you more in return, InsyaALLAH…

She also insisted nak belanja all of us makan with her first pay. So, lets go!





Burpp Alhamdulillah!

šŸ™‚ walaupun the ending part tuh, ehem Ayah yang bayar (hehe), tetapi berniat baik itu yang tiada golok gantinya, kan?

Thank you Along. Thank you Ayah šŸ™‚

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