Razin & gigi susu-nya

My youngest boy, Razin is one tough boy 😀

One of his favourite-thing-to-do in the house is smacking his big brother down. Tough eh?

Te-ta-piiiii, aisey mannnnn sungguh lah takut untuk cabut gigiiii. Hehe 😛

At 7, his beautiful sets of gigi susu sudah la mula bergoyang-goyang.



Being the youngest, I must admit my soft spot for him. Kalau yang lain, I would have dragged them to go and see their dentist. Hehe

So, pujuk and pujuk and pujuk la this boy yang kononnya sungguh tough to go and see dentist. But he would give his zillion excuses trying to get off the hook!

Hmmm, finally one night while mamak-ing for dinner, and as he was sipping his usual limau ais, suddenly he showed me his hand, and dangg! his gigi on it! Haha.

Tercabut-pun, on its own!!

So, him today, minus one gigi susu 🙂


Oh bucuk ibu, ada baaaannyyyaakkk lagi akan tercabut hokayy? 😀

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