I miss him

9 days today.

Wow, that is a very long time. Worst, if you wait.

And, I have 3 more days to go. That is another 72 hours !. Sigh.

Often, they say I am a strong person. That I can do this. That I will be ok.

Well, I am not.

I cried, I had anxiety attack. I cannot sleep that well. I think about lot of things. I worried about almost everything. Good stuff and bad.

I missed him.

I am just a normal person. I am just a girl 😦 who needs her man.

This is me now being melancholic and even I had done this many many times before, ‘this’ feeling just won’t shooh away. Infact, it will never will…


This is the strange part about being married really, beyond words to explain. But being away from him, this long some more, things are just not the same. Being happy is just not the same 😦

Tik tok tik tok. Slow giler rasanya !

Just hurried home sayang.


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