Entry sakit kepala!


Terjaga dari tido from 840 malam. 4 1/2 jam of sleep. Hmmm. Cukup la tuh. Because I know I will not be able to fall sleep again tonight. I had a headache!

These past few days had been tormenting. Counting and testing my patience. And all I was doing was dealing with goverment offices and personnels. All in the name of work!

It was no fun element.

This spa portfolio that I am currently undertaking is interesting yet horrifying. The damage that ‘some people’ had done caused this spa industry nothing but bad name!! *angry mode*

We been up and down Putrajaya for some approvals and surat sokongan for almost impossible tasks these past 48 hours And I just had to say this – dealing with government sectors could be hazardous to health!!

What do I mean???

Hah inilah. This headache at 1 am in the morning!! 😦

Headache headache please go away. Don’t come again another day!

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