Online purchase!

My monday is no longer blue 😀 ….

Yaay!! Because my very first online purchase sudah sampaiii!

Mode *sangat excited*! 😀

This entry akan ‘panazzzz’ I know as I just got my Kate Spade less than a month ago in Spore. My beloved cousins in Spore (not to mention my better half) akan meninggalkan komen-komen yang panazzz + painful in my FB when this entry is posted, as my blog here is linked with my FB.

Oopsiee 😛

But here is the thing…

I wanted to give it a shot. Omputih cakap, there is always first time to anything, right? Tak kenal, maka tak cinta-lah kan?? So, saya pun nak la mencuba membuat purchase via online. Dah kata era e-purchase kan??

No, no bukan alasan hokay! (errr)

Meh I tayang gambar dulu k ..

After more than a week, it arrived today!


Cantik kan? 🙂

Well, its a Relic by Fossil jer. Idok la beli Gucci pung. Hehe

Like I said, my first time. So here I am taking my baby steps lor.

The chronology to this historic purchase of mine – There is this blog that I have been visiting. Tuan punya tanah blog neh is one humble girl from PJ who now resides in the States by marriage. Check HER out here.

One thing about this Nurul girl that I like is the way she kept me updated of the status of my purchase, right from my Q&A about the product, to confirmation and the delivery.

Trust is one tiny word but means a thousand words. And, I am lousy at trusting people dari dulu sampai sekarang at least. But to my disbelief also, for some chemistery reasons kot, I trusted her. Without even meeting her!

I like my new bag and I also had a good experience at it. And, I think this is a very convenient and cool way to shop-lah!!

Me likeeeeee 😀

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