Jack & Jill

…and they are my Miza & Hazim…

Love of my life, my everything. They are Anugerah Allah SWT yang paling indah dan abadi for me and dearest hubby. Alhamdulillah!

Miza is my first, and Hazim came in 3 years later to complete our first pair – daughter & son.

When Hazim was born, Miza then, at the age of 3+ was super super thrilled! She then had a friend to play with. A brother to bully!

She lovessssss him tremendously! With all her tiny heart ! It was just too obvious!


They spent all the time in the world only together, as our no 3, Sarah came in with a slight delay πŸ˜€


Today, 18 years had passed, and they are still the best buddies in the world! They are the best of friends and adik beradik by blood yang paling cool!

On their normal days :

Miza would go and say,

“Dude, you smell!”


At some corner, Hazim will say this,

“Kak apa you pakai neh, it stinks!” – on a good smell of a perfume??

Hehe πŸ™‚

But as their mom, I know they will take a bullet for each other, anytime on any day!


Ibu doakan anakanda berdua kasih sayang yang abadi sampai syurga!!


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