This is how you started…


My dearest children,

Menurut cerita your arwah Atok Mamat and your dad, in the picture is the late Tok Long. Yup he was a chinese man and with him there was of course his late wife.

Who is Tok Long, you went and asked.

Well, Tok Long was a brother to your late Moyang, arwah Puan (your moyang’s name is Nyonya).

Ok, you are confused. I know, I understand. Ibu also, dulu. But now, as time passes, Ibu had a better understanding and now will explain so that you would also understand.

This spectacular and wonderful true story of where all of you actually come from, from your ayah side.

My hope is one day, when Ibu and Ayah are no longer around with you, please also tell your children some day of their asal-usul. Of their chinese root. They are afterall their great, great grandparents.

Your father brought all of you yesterday to visit Uncle Chong and his family in Malacca so that you can see with your very own eyes to believe.

Please also always visit them with your own families when you have one some day ok πŸ™‚

So! Family tree (your ayah’s side) began with the mother (your Moyang’s mother) of the late Tok Long and arwah Puan. She was born handicapped. Bahasa kita, she ‘tempok’ and had difficulty walking and doing her daily chores. She was so embarrassed of herself and membawa diri merajuk dari kampung di Melaka. For record purposes, she was a muslim by birth. But when she left kampung membawa rajuknya being ‘tidak sempurna’, she ended married a chinese man (Your moyang’s father).

From that marriage, she (your Moyang’s mother) had two children. The late Tok Long (male in photo above) and your arwah Puan (Moyang).

When her husband died, she declared to her two children about she being a melayu before. She then, asked her children to choose their own paths and religion.

The late Tok Long of course chose to remain a chinese and later married the late nenek Long (female in photo above) and went on and had 8 children. One of them is Uncle Chong and Nenek Busu Ti that we went and visited yesterday. It was their ‘hari raya’ yesterday πŸ™‚

And the late Tok Long younger sister, arwah Puan (your Moyang) chose to become a muslim as fate had brought her, Alhamdulillah. Arwah Puan later married a kind muslim man name Jaya (your male moyang).

Till here, secara ringkasnya – your moyang (arwah Puan) was a chinese who later decided to convert to Islam and married arwah Tok Jaya ( your moyang lelaki).

Arwah Puan and Tok Jaya were soon blessed with a son who they named, Mamat.

Mamat bin Jaya is of course is your beloved Atok who had peacefully left us to meet Allah SWT on last 18 December 2011. Al Fatihah…

Mamat Bin Jaya, then had a son, Mohd Razif.

You guys later came ber’bin’ dan ber’binti’kan that wonderful man who I loved with all my heart till Jannah…


So, my dear children,

With this lengthy entry, Ibu hope in your heart, you would always have your syukur and better understanding of where your family tree started, some along the way.

It is very important that we know who we are and where we came from. We are today because who our parents and grand parents were.

Always solat and doa for arwah grandparents yang telah mendahului kita.

Always remember that my darlings.

πŸ™‚ love!!


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