Happy days

Today is a happy day 🙂 Alhamdulillah.

Miza today, passed her first initial KPP road exam with flying colours! She is now just a few steps away into getting her ‘P’ driving license. Way to go Baby !

Nanti adalah supir saya ke sini dan ke sana. Sukanya 😛

This week also marked eventually another milestone in my career. My team in now officially based in Mont Kiara. To cut short the story, boss kata pergi maka pergilah kitaaaa …

Generally, these past few days banyak-lah hiccup here and there but we are adamant that things will soon settle in, InsyaAllah.

Tempat baru, biasalah bertatih-tatih. But we are the vibrant ones, so we catch up, pretty fast.

Okay what else ….

While yesterday pulak, after some long months, I was back at The Ledang.

Everyone is still as warm. As wonderfully nice! It brings back all those heavenly moments with beloved Adnan, our previous boss everytime I am there. The Ledang was his ‘baby’. And will always be.

My schedules were back-to-back, but Alhamdulillah my mission had been accomplished. The humidity in Gelang Patah was unbearable. But the ‘warmth’ of my team@The Ledang thrashed it all! I love you guys-lah 🙂

To just nicely complete the day, we singgah at the much-talked ‘Johor Premium Outlet’ or JPO as it is famously called on our way back to the airport.

A place that all ladies out there should check it out 🙂

‘Retail therapy’ is endorsed to beat any other beauty or health therapies that human ever desires, anytime! Hehe 😀

For the La Senza lovers, JPO is our answer to fill up our lingerie drawers, seriously! Go girls..

Where is it? Please ask Pak Chik google ok.


This is JPO.

Okay-lah, that’s it for now. Happy day kan? 🙂

Jom solat. Azan Asar dah sayup berkumandang!

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