A complaint Entry For Mr Apple!


My Ipad, hardly 3 months into my posession became faulty. Everytime, I connect it to charge – extremely slow to charge and over a night, only then I will get 60 % in battery percentage.

Finally, I sent for repair to Machine Store Sunway Pyramid. Actually, we went already to repair several months ago but was advised to back up its data first, else everything will be erased. So, we went home. Bla bla, then last week we decided to go again and repair since the warranty is expiring.

Then today, this came in my inbox. The email content reads,

Kindly be informed that diagnose has been done on your unit but we are not able to complete it due to damage not covered under the terms of an Apple One Year Hardware Warranty or an AppleCare Protection Plan. We did check with the Apple, Apple verify that it is clearly that iPad its not be applicable for the dents on that iPad portion and does not occur under normal usage conditions where in handling and usage patterns are responsible for such issue.

Hence, Apple considers this issue to be caused due to Accidental damage which will not be covered under unit’s warranty nor through exception.

For further clarification we advise you to contact AppleCare @ 1 800 803 638 regarding this issue.

“Please advise us on the next course of action within 7 Days by replying this mail ASAP or otherwise we will return back the faulty unit to Outlet for your collection. Thank you!”

case # 279127262

Equipment: iPad WIFI-16GB

Best regards

Machines Sdn Bhd

Imagine my pissed!!! h(&$8!?eds!&$;9&

To cut short the story, I replied to the email immediately and put in clear record that I refused to accept the explanation.

This is the photo that they attached with the email.


My email must have had some impact that some Mr Chen rang from Mid Valley Apple store.

I confirmed with him that my unit had no water damage or such. Simply because that minor dents that Mr Chen agreed that it is so minor and not deep, they refuse to repair my unit even it is still under warranty.

Yeah – bla bla the so called ‘Terms & Conditions’!!

After an hour phone discussion, I said this to Mr Chen..

“Mr Chen, imagine it is your Ipad. That you bought with your very own hard earned sweat. In your heart and in reality, you know what was wrong with your Ipad. Then, simply because of some tiny dents that was hardly visible, Apple refused to repair even there no proof of water damage or such. To make it worst, it is still under warranty? So, Mr Chen, please find some sincerity in your work and heart and tell me you are not angry??”.

A long pause.

Then, he said he will call me back.

So, some Mr Chen from Apple Store Mid Valley, I am anxiously waiting for your call !

For record purposes and prayed that some soul from that gigantic brand would be reading my misery – I am honestly dissapointed with ‘APPLE’ right now. Big time !! 😦

I am nevertheless, is a great believer in Rezeki Allah. Finger crossed!!

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