3 hari 2012

3 January 2012.

Rasa kekok lagi bila menulis ‘2012’. Maklum, hijrah di tahun baru, masih merah bermula.

Hmm 2012 tanpa mak dan ayah 😦 Itu pun masih kekok. Not having them around. Ayah especially, walaupun sickly and berkerusi roda, he would be as concern when it comes to school stuff. He will ensure urusan sekolah cucu-cucunya diambil berat. He would check and ask if books are bought and will take note of when is school begin and all. Al Fatihah to Ayah yang baru 16 hari tiada lagi bersama kami. Sedihnya….. 😦

I took the deepest breath everytime the thought of losing my parents came to mind. I know dunia is just on loan. And I have faith in happy ending and whatever that crossed my path is beyond any plan and upon Allah SWT blessings as it is the best to happen at that time, InsyaALLAH.

I am still off from work and will only started working tomorrow. I have my baby Miza this year at home as she in now anxiously waiting for her SPM result. I prayyyyyyyy hard she will ease my house chores commitments such as cooking, kemas rumah, basuh baju, jemur baju bla bla bla, until her result is out at least (I know you are reading). Hehe 😛

What kicked off on a dangling mode is of course – Ajin Piji into Standard one! Sungguh comel sebab si kecik itu sudah besar!

Being the youngest sib, he privileged the most! Satu rombongan che kiah pergi sekolah dia during his orientation 🙂

Budak comel itu…


Enjoy the school sweetie pie Ibu!

Ok-lah. Im off to eat cendol!!

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