Saya sangat happy!

These past few days have been heavenly.

Rasa terawang-awang gembira dan syukur yang amat sangat !!

Loads of joy and happiness had taken place. Too much. Sampai tak tahu which to be shared first 😀


Lets start with the most recent perhaps.

Our eldest daughter is finally back home from SEPINTAR after her SPM. She finished her last paper on Tues and we fetched her yesterday.

Hilang sudah nerbes mak 😛

Macam I pun ambik SPM hokay? Hehe. Now I know the feeling bila anak ambik SPM!

I am sure Miza had done her best. So now we all doa banyak-banyak and leave it in the hand of our Creator. May Allah SWT memberkati cita-cita anakanda and spared her the ultimate success!!

From her school, we terussss pergi makan and watched the ntah-hafe-hafe “Breaking Dawn” that she been wanting to watch. No offense eh Edward’s die-for fan. But seriously, I personally think the much anticipated movie was a let down.


Ok, so welcome home baby!

Berundur beberapa hari yang lepas pulak, was this story pulak. Rombongan che kiah telah selamat sampai dari Kelantan again, for another grand wedding celebration in KL.

Lets tengok gambar dulu?

The wedding, of course.

My girls with their beloved cuz, Mimi who is now dearly missed and that cute baby is Yayan!

One of major do that has been planned way ahead before the arrival of rombongan che kiah was to have a fiesta. ‘Pesta Nasi Kerabu’ nama dia. Hehe.

For record purposes, my sister cooked the best nasi kerabu in the world!! Tak caya? Tanya semua orang ini 😀






Of couse, the pre photo of the assistants while at work … Thank you Na, Mimie and Abang Ngah!! Oh yeah, Sarah & Syaza too.

Dah lama rasanya, we did not have that many of saudara-mara di rumah kita.

Ok, this entry has exceeded its usual size and to be continued..

🙂 azan subuh dah berlalu pergi, jom solat!

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