Midnight blues

Note – This is a midnight entry @ 0120 hrs with a tired body but a spinning mind.

Alhamdulillah, ALLAH SWT mengizinkan Hani & hub and the girls menziarah menghadiri tahlil 7 hari Arwah sahabat, Pak Habib. Yus masih sugul obviously but I know her heart is strong as an ox! Al Fatihah.

What I wanted to spill at this hour is this. Memang dunia ini amat kecil rupanya. Out of many moment and episodes, I met an old friend who I have not met for many many years at the tahlil. She has not changed a bit! Except for anak-anak we all yang sudah besar semua over time! Both mine and hers. Her eldest girl vividly remembers me through some of her childhood photos. The last holiday we used to go together were Haadyai some years back. We both got pregnant when we came back from that holiday! Haha 😀

It has been 9 years then and obviously there are so much to tell. In that constraint moment that we had, she spared me her agony through some sad stories of her bitter divorce…Allah huakbar, sedih sangat Hani mendengarnya…

The thing that stunned me the most is her courage and will to move on from all the heartbreaking and tormenting life experience! She may be one petit woman but the heart that she has? Beyond my wildest imagination!

She is now apart from her own 3 children, caring for her ‘madu’ punya anak who eventually abondoned the child when her ex-husband and her then ‘madu’ also were divorced!

You cared for a child from another ‘woman’ who once ripped your entire happiness!??

Amazing-kan of what a woman can do? This a true example of ‘tangan yang menghayun buai boleh menghayun dunia’!

Before we parted and bid our salam and good byes, I asked her, how did she does it.

And she said this to me, “Kita kena ilhlaskan hati Hani menerima Qada dan Qadar Allah. Baru Allah juga akan ikhlas dengan kita”.

But again, matter of the heart, only she knows…

We hugged and parted with promise to meet again soon.


And, those utterred words are still knocking in my head!

Good night peeps…

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