Harga sebuah bahagia

A friend once said, “I will never compromise my happiness”.

And I stood to oppose, at that time.  I thought, happiness was very subjective and general.  And I also thought, it is not ‘the’ most important thing in this life. There are other things that are more important; your wealth perhaps.

I also assumed, ‘being happy’ and ‘wanting to be happy’, were two different matters and with least priority in life.

But now, I must swallow my own thinking and assumptions.  Being happy and wanting to be happy ARE actually the same thing (in my personal opinion).  But, the most important thing is that I should have NEVER compromised happiness. I know that now.

As being happy rules every other things in our life.  It has to be!

Being and wanting to be happy is also one of the key to our existence and well being in this short life.  Once we are stood happy and stable with our emotions, the rest eventually becomes smoother.

Seperti sekarang, saya sangat happy! 🙂

Rasa sangat tidak sabar and menunggu itu memang amat menyeksakan ! Di tambah pulak dengan soalan-soalan cepumas dari anakanda Razin Hafizi.. hehe.

“Lagi berapa hari Ibu”.. aiyo, he actually started the countdown!

To what?

Well for Razin for this boy to arrive 🙂  This is his cousin from Kelantan – Ammar Danish.

So let me just end this entry up to here.  Nanti if idea bertandang lagi, kita sambung ek.

🙂 suke suke suke.

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