I felt bad

The damage could be massive. Or vice versa.

It depends.

On perhaps how I look at it, may be? Or on how he look at it..

It could have been done differently. Really I could. But was I not thinking?

I asked myself again, was my conscience clear? What was my intention at that time? Is there regrets in my heart now ? Am I ok with the decision that I took? Am I sad? Should I be sad?

Honest answer is, I don’t know!

It just happened. It took place. I did it and now I have to face the consequences.

Pause. Long pause.

I stepped away a bit and I looked at the whole scenario from a different angle and in a bigger photo frame.

Tarik nafas se dalam-dalamnya….

I felt bad. Really I do šŸ˜¦ ….

I know there are some explanations that I need to do. And I will, if that time comes.

But coming out from the whole mess, I said to myself this – Gosh, life is so complicated!

In my heart then, I meant well !

2 Replies to “I felt bad”

  1. What hapend to u. Life is about merry goround
    Bila masa sedap tak ingat dunia ni bukan kita yang empunya
    Tapi itulah realitinya. Ini dunia bukan kita yang punya
    Buat2 la satu2 keputusan dgn mengambil kira semua aspek
    Jangan terperangkap dengan khayalan dunia.


  2. All these barricades, InsyaAllah is manageable.
    Im thankful for what I have
    And what I dont have
    Whatever it is that Im enduring right now
    may be painful, but I go thru this šŸ™‚
    Thank you for words of wisdom.


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