How Confidence Has Changed My Life

Hi Hanis !

Confidence is a big word.

It acquires a lot of energy and hardwork to be that someone with confidence. Some are blessed to be born with it. While some who are less fortunate to work hard at getting one.

Well, I am the less fortunate one πŸ™‚

I am an ordinary girl next girl; who hailed from one far far away kampung-land in Kelantan. I am a product of a broken marriage who had come from very far in life, growing up being a shy person and wailing about life all the time…

Then I met this wonderful person and got married at a young age of 22 !

Today, I am so blessed with five adorable children and enjoying the best moment of my life with them!

What am I getting at?

About how being a mother at the age of 23 had given me such a valuable amount of self confidence!

Everyday is a new day for me and each day brings new things and experience all together. Everyday is still a learning day for me and being around my children had always taught me new things about life…

I may not the greatest mother but I certainly feel good about myself. I work hard and pray hard that I have shown and taught my children the righteous in life.

It is always about good intentions with people around us. And to always begin with ourself, then only to change the world !

To encourage my children about feeling good and being confident in life has to begin with me. I showed them how important courage is and believing in themselves does matter. Children would definitely look up to their parents to feed their world, don’t they?

It is a crazy world and life is tough. With me, I hope to be able to walk through all the barricades with my juniors.

Doing this entry right now is not about a bottle of perfume really, but to me is about sharing of how much motherhood had boosted my self confidence!

I want to be able to tell my children that a good leader inspire people to have confidence in the leader, but a GREAT leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves!

And never least it is, to my five adoring children who come here often to read and critique πŸ˜› so that they know how much you guys have influenced of who I am today.

I love you greatly! πŸ™‚

4 Replies to “How Confidence Has Changed My Life”

  1. Well said cuz! *kudos*. Honestly for me, YOU are my idola to guide me thru motherhood! Although i had my first child quite late but when i see you thru’, it makes me realise in whatever situations you’re in, one BIG word – CONFIDENCE has to be inside oneself. πŸ™‚

    Like myself, my confidence level has been boosting bit by bit each day esp when bring up with my children.. Each time when I lay on my comfy bed(after a hard day at work & endless housechores), I then realised that I have done sooo many things starting from 6.30am right thru 1am! hehehe…:)


  2. for some reason, i am short of breath after finished reading this piece. somehow you transferred your excitement and enthusiasm through your writing, love it!


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