boh-san !

Kebosanan yang sungguh melampau melanda hari ini.

Everything seems wrong.  Lapar tapi tak rasa nak makan. Banyak kerja tapi otak frozen. Hmmm.

So what did I do when the syndroms are obvious? I surfed almost all blogs and linked blogs.  I tengok wedding photo Norman and Memey??? erks.  Something is wrong kan?

I did find some good write ups for sharing.  I hope tuan punya blog do not mind 🙂

I read this and had goosebumps in my chest.. Kisah adik  NAJLA yang sungguh menyayat hati..

This is also as good. Short and NICE

Still bored. I check out my phone for unpublished candid photos.

These photos tidak pernah diterbitkan di mana-mana :D, but there are stories to be told behind them..

This one,

We took the photo during Sarah’s 10th birthday in March.  She was all sad and gloomy that night. In fact, she cried.. The cake was super sedap so I asked her, “why you cry, Sarah”…

Well, she never actually told me to today to explain the sad tears …. (I will ask her again today!).

This one pulak,

The day was first day hari raya this year.  The time was when we came back from visiting Arwah nenek at 6.30 pm…. She was not too happy because did not manage to go in to visit nenek due to hospital restrictions.. And we never actually see nenek again from that day… 😦

While this one pulak,

Photo proof of my son’s obsession for pepper!  He eats everything with pepper 🙂

Ok, its almost 5.  Im still bored. Sigh. Jom solat lah!

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