bye bye Ijah..

As I am posting this at 12 noon today, Ijah should be at the airport. Waiting for a flight home.

Ijah came back with Abah to ziarah arwah nenek who passed away during raya.  They missed the whole urusan pengkebumian tho 😦 as Melbourne is in foreign land.

My beloved niece, Ijah has been staying with us (Malaysian unties and uncles) from 1 September hari tuh. So, today its time to say good bye as she and dad/our Along boarding a flight home ….

To Ijah, Mak Lang doakan safe journey home to Umi and adik-adik ya.  It is always joy to have you back here with us.  Cumanya, this time round, since all of us in our family are still mourning for nenek’s passing, we are unable to bawak you jalan-jalan as usual. Blame it also on raya hectic month schedules also lor.

Apa-apapun, sampai kita berjumpa lagi ! Jaga diri sayang.

Kak Ijah with Aja, snapped at McD’s brekkie last weekend.

We miss you already Ijah.

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