Health is paramount

Few days had passed and Im still in this agony of wisdom tooth pain! Argh..

Astaghfirullahal’azim… (istighfar Hani, banyak-banyak).

Im very poor in managing pain. And for that reason, whenever my children especially or anyone at all, that I know in some sort of pain – I honestly feel for them. Kesian yang sungguh banyak for them…

And I hope, I have always been there when my children need me when they are sick.  I just feel so sorry for the pain, appetite changes, discomfort or any sort of uneasiness that they have to endure  being sick.

As for me, I have been on soft diet for few days now.  Today, dah ala-ala mati kutu nak makan apa. Last night, I ended up with yogurt for dinner (saya sungguh lapar sekarang ok).

I cancelled one lunch appointment today and yesterday sebab tidak boleh chew hard food.  Sob sob sob.  Sabar ek, nanti bila saya sudah boleh makan semula, I will re-claim all those appointments ! (nak sedapkan diri sendiri sebenarnya nih…).

Betul la kata orang, dont die with a ‘t’ – DIET.  Sebabnya, bila dah sakit-sakit cam gini dan semua tak boleh makan, padanlah muka kan??

Istighfar again Hani… . Banyak-banyak!

Till later peeps.  Take great care of your health! please.

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