Saya sakit gigi

At this very moment, Hani sangat sangat sakit gigi 😦

What a way to start a week after a long break kan?  I was on MC yesterday as I was down with fever and flu over the weekend… Today sakit gigi la pulak. Sigh.

Thing is this, I have this geraham ‘bongsu’ punya issue, unsettled.  Yeah fine, go on and laugh out loud!  Gigi bongsu yang ‘refused’ to come out fully.  So, evey other year, I will have-lah this pain…

And I also have a confession to make with this pain.. – Saya amat penakut makan ubat… arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

But just now, tak tahan sangat, I took the painkiller.

So, right now, I am very blur.  Cannot focus, in pain and in the office!

Nak balik? Tak de keretaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Thank you MERCU UEM sebab telah tidak menyediakan parking untuk staff 4#@$68%^%56!!!

Just a thought to ride on the train home made me wanting to puke, so I hang on in the office-lah.

Dear Allah SWT, how I am just your normal servant. I took You for granted when I am all OK and healthy 😦 .

How when Im down and sick, I need You badly to love me and have mercy to forgive me and pity me. How when Im sickly, my heart especially cries for all the bad times and things that I did.

I want to go to your Jannah Ya Allah.  Please forgive me Ya Rob, Ya Rahim. Please have mercy for me and make all these pain and uneasiness, easy on me…

Allah SWT sifatnya Lembah-lembut, Pengampun dan Penyayang –  and I have faith, and pray hard that He will spare me some. Amin Ya Rob.

Pain pain, please go away 😦 ….

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