Ajin pujaan hati ibu…

This is my boy, Ajin.

…. and this is the conversation between myself and him, only a while ago.

Ring…Ring… Ring… ( I called home like 10 times a day)

Ajin    :     Hello

Ibu     :     Hey shayang

Ajin    :    Hello Ibu

Ibu      :    How are you, how is school?

Ajin     :    Im fine Ibu

Ibu      :    What are you doing?

Ajin     :    Im watching TV Ibu

Ibu      :    Is it raining sayang at our house?

Ajin     :    (pause)  The rain is ready Ibu…

Ibu terus ketawa golek-golek.  Good try sweetie.  Mc D for you again, tonite k.  Loveeeeeee you 🙂


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