Potret Syawal 2011…

Aidil Fitri sekarang tidak akan lengkap tanpa gambar raya. This is significat to me as well personally as photograph speaks a thousand words. It captures a lot of life and meaning.

My hope,  that some day, our children would come back here for their raya memories with us,  when both ibu  and ayah tiada lagi.

Aidil Fitri 2011

Tuan Haji Mamat bin Jaya  – ayah/datuk with us di Aidilfitri 2011, Alhamdulillah.

My favourite gentlemen of all time!

Us with our ‘colurful’ girls – both in baju and perangai hokay 😛

This is Ibu and Ayah in 2011 😀

Razin adores his big brother !! tremendously !

Moga Aidil Fitri 2011 membawa seribu pengertian dan kebahagian to us all. Amin Ya Rob.

6 Replies to “Potret Syawal 2011…”

  1. Alhamdulillah untuk semua kebahagiaan yang Allah SWT berikan. Al Fatihah to our loved ones yang Allah SWT jemput setelah dipinjamkan.

    Salam Aidilfitri dik!


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