Hari Raya without Mak… :(

Syawal 2011 is gradually leaving us.  With sad memories of Mak’s passing on the first day of hari raya Aidil Fitri.

I personally thought Mak was getting better. My sis in law, Alia even brought her raya briyani over to hospital for Mak to taste 😦  she however, came back saying Mak refused to eat.

Al Fatihah. Mak left us, and hari raya will never be the same again 😦

Ayah is most saddened, I am sure. As he is the one who has been sick all the while.  My dad in law is a stroke patient for almost 11 years now and the fact that Mak yang pergi dulu, must be hard for him.

That morning of Hari Raya as we adik beradik berkumpul, he was clearly amat berdukacita.  All the Malaysian’s cucu, 16 of them came very early to berhari raya with Atok to add cheer to his hari raya without his wife (arwah Mak)  (Atok ada 6 lagi cucu yang bermastautin di Melbourne).

We took this photo, my personal favourite – Atok and all his cucu-cucu.  I told Ayah that morning – “jangan sedih sangat Ayah, nanti Mak balik la tuh”…. sigh. She never did… 😦

Kami sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan Mak di sana, bersama para solihin, InsyaAllah…..

Al Fatihah….

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