boh-san !

Kebosanan yang sungguh melampau melanda hari ini.

Everything seems wrong.  Lapar tapi tak rasa nak makan. Banyak kerja tapi otak frozen. Hmmm.

So what did I do when the syndroms are obvious? I surfed almost all blogs and linked blogs.  I tengok wedding photo Norman and Memey??? erks.  Something is wrong kan?

I did find some good write ups for sharing.  I hope tuan punya blog do not mind 🙂

I read this and had goosebumps in my chest.. Kisah adik  NAJLA yang sungguh menyayat hati..

This is also as good. Short and NICE

Still bored. I check out my phone for unpublished candid photos.

These photos tidak pernah diterbitkan di mana-mana :D, but there are stories to be told behind them..

This one,

We took the photo during Sarah’s 10th birthday in March.  She was all sad and gloomy that night. In fact, she cried.. The cake was super sedap so I asked her, “why you cry, Sarah”…

Well, she never actually told me to today to explain the sad tears …. (I will ask her again today!).

This one pulak,

The day was first day hari raya this year.  The time was when we came back from visiting Arwah nenek at 6.30 pm…. She was not too happy because did not manage to go in to visit nenek due to hospital restrictions.. And we never actually see nenek again from that day… 😦

While this one pulak,

Photo proof of my son’s obsession for pepper!  He eats everything with pepper 🙂

Ok, its almost 5.  Im still bored. Sigh. Jom solat lah!

bye bye Ijah..

As I am posting this at 12 noon today, Ijah should be at the airport. Waiting for a flight home.

Ijah came back with Abah to ziarah arwah nenek who passed away during raya.  They missed the whole urusan pengkebumian tho 😦 as Melbourne is in foreign land.

My beloved niece, Ijah has been staying with us (Malaysian unties and uncles) from 1 September hari tuh. So, today its time to say good bye as she and dad/our Along boarding a flight home ….

To Ijah, Mak Lang doakan safe journey home to Umi and adik-adik ya.  It is always joy to have you back here with us.  Cumanya, this time round, since all of us in our family are still mourning for nenek’s passing, we are unable to bawak you jalan-jalan as usual. Blame it also on raya hectic month schedules also lor.

Apa-apapun, sampai kita berjumpa lagi ! Jaga diri sayang.

Kak Ijah with Aja, snapped at McD’s brekkie last weekend.

We miss you already Ijah.

Health is paramount

Few days had passed and Im still in this agony of wisdom tooth pain! Argh..

Astaghfirullahal’azim… (istighfar Hani, banyak-banyak).

Im very poor in managing pain. And for that reason, whenever my children especially or anyone at all, that I know in some sort of pain – I honestly feel for them. Kesian yang sungguh banyak for them…

And I hope, I have always been there when my children need me when they are sick.  I just feel so sorry for the pain, appetite changes, discomfort or any sort of uneasiness that they have to endure  being sick.

As for me, I have been on soft diet for few days now.  Today, dah ala-ala mati kutu nak makan apa. Last night, I ended up with yogurt for dinner (saya sungguh lapar sekarang ok).

I cancelled one lunch appointment today and yesterday sebab tidak boleh chew hard food.  Sob sob sob.  Sabar ek, nanti bila saya sudah boleh makan semula, I will re-claim all those appointments ! (nak sedapkan diri sendiri sebenarnya nih…).

Betul la kata orang, dont die with a ‘t’ – DIET.  Sebabnya, bila dah sakit-sakit cam gini dan semua tak boleh makan, padanlah muka kan??

Istighfar again Hani… . Banyak-banyak!

Till later peeps.  Take great care of your health! please.

Saya sakit gigi

At this very moment, Hani sangat sangat sakit gigi 😦

What a way to start a week after a long break kan?  I was on MC yesterday as I was down with fever and flu over the weekend… Today sakit gigi la pulak. Sigh.

Thing is this, I have this geraham ‘bongsu’ punya issue, unsettled.  Yeah fine, go on and laugh out loud!  Gigi bongsu yang ‘refused’ to come out fully.  So, evey other year, I will have-lah this pain…

And I also have a confession to make with this pain.. – Saya amat penakut makan ubat… arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

But just now, tak tahan sangat, I took the painkiller.

So, right now, I am very blur.  Cannot focus, in pain and in the office!

Nak balik? Tak de keretaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Thank you MERCU UEM sebab telah tidak menyediakan parking untuk staff 4#@$68%^%56!!!

Just a thought to ride on the train home made me wanting to puke, so I hang on in the office-lah.

Dear Allah SWT, how I am just your normal servant. I took You for granted when I am all OK and healthy 😦 .

How when Im down and sick, I need You badly to love me and have mercy to forgive me and pity me. How when Im sickly, my heart especially cries for all the bad times and things that I did.

I want to go to your Jannah Ya Allah.  Please forgive me Ya Rob, Ya Rahim. Please have mercy for me and make all these pain and uneasiness, easy on me…

Allah SWT sifatnya Lembah-lembut, Pengampun dan Penyayang –  and I have faith, and pray hard that He will spare me some. Amin Ya Rob.

Pain pain, please go away 😦 ….

Ajin pujaan hati ibu…

This is my boy, Ajin.

…. and this is the conversation between myself and him, only a while ago.

Ring…Ring… Ring… ( I called home like 10 times a day)

Ajin    :     Hello

Ibu     :     Hey shayang

Ajin    :    Hello Ibu

Ibu      :    How are you, how is school?

Ajin     :    Im fine Ibu

Ibu      :    What are you doing?

Ajin     :    Im watching TV Ibu

Ibu      :    Is it raining sayang at our house?

Ajin     :    (pause)  The rain is ready Ibu…

Ibu terus ketawa golek-golek.  Good try sweetie.  Mc D for you again, tonite k.  Loveeeeeee you 🙂


Potret Syawal 2011…

Aidil Fitri sekarang tidak akan lengkap tanpa gambar raya. This is significat to me as well personally as photograph speaks a thousand words. It captures a lot of life and meaning.

My hope,  that some day, our children would come back here for their raya memories with us,  when both ibu  and ayah tiada lagi.

Aidil Fitri 2011

Tuan Haji Mamat bin Jaya  – ayah/datuk with us di Aidilfitri 2011, Alhamdulillah.

My favourite gentlemen of all time!

Us with our ‘colurful’ girls – both in baju and perangai hokay 😛

This is Ibu and Ayah in 2011 😀

Razin adores his big brother !! tremendously !

Moga Aidil Fitri 2011 membawa seribu pengertian dan kebahagian to us all. Amin Ya Rob.

Hari Raya without Mak… :(

Syawal 2011 is gradually leaving us.  With sad memories of Mak’s passing on the first day of hari raya Aidil Fitri.

I personally thought Mak was getting better. My sis in law, Alia even brought her raya briyani over to hospital for Mak to taste 😦  she however, came back saying Mak refused to eat.

Al Fatihah. Mak left us, and hari raya will never be the same again 😦

Ayah is most saddened, I am sure. As he is the one who has been sick all the while.  My dad in law is a stroke patient for almost 11 years now and the fact that Mak yang pergi dulu, must be hard for him.

That morning of Hari Raya as we adik beradik berkumpul, he was clearly amat berdukacita.  All the Malaysian’s cucu, 16 of them came very early to berhari raya with Atok to add cheer to his hari raya without his wife (arwah Mak)  (Atok ada 6 lagi cucu yang bermastautin di Melbourne).

We took this photo, my personal favourite – Atok and all his cucu-cucu.  I told Ayah that morning – “jangan sedih sangat Ayah, nanti Mak balik la tuh”…. sigh. She never did… 😦

Kami sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan Mak di sana, bersama para solihin, InsyaAllah…..

Al Fatihah….