Bunga api & an opinion

Cuba tengok sekeliling kita, sekarang !

Ada tak sesiapa yang kita tidak suka? Atau kita rasa, orang itu amat pelik dan tidak ramah? Tidak cantik? Tidak rajin dan pemalas?

Atau mungkin, ada tak sesiapa yang kita amat suka. Amat rajin. Amat wangi dan peramah. Cantik pulak tuh? That she or he is just perfect!

Ada tak?

Allah SWT Maha Mengetahui kenapa sifatnya kita macam itu kan? Every single breath that we take, we always have an opinion, about someone or something. Sungguh kreatif kita kan?

Tetapi, that very same creativity is stopped at that. We never once have an opinion about ourselves kan? Haha.  Sungguh tidak adil kita.

Well, agaknya sebab itu lah kita nih manusia dan bukan malaikat kot.


Well, today would be my last day in office for this  Ramadhan.  Im taking leave tomorrow and Friday to visit mom in hospital.  I had my good times and not-so-good times with her honestly as the first daughter in law. Me however, only interested in moving on.  Past had gone and done with. I just want to fill the time that Allah SWT spares to just becoming a better Insan, InsyaAllah.  Ramadhan is just so right to correct the wrongs.

Wailing and complaining never take anyone anywhere kan?

To echo to – life is never stagnant, Im sharing some photos taken just a day before nenek diaorang masuk hospital. Raya is just don’t quite feel right without bunga api kan?

To nenek, eat something please…


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