Ibu, please can I eat?

Training course untuk berpuasa

9 am   –  He got up.  Still ok.

10 am  – He is a bit cranky, but ok.

11 am – 12 noon –  “Ibu, Can I please eat”

1 – 2 pm  – I have to ensure he got his PSP, Ipad or any source or games to just occupy him.

3 – 5 pm  – He is back to his usual self, playing and watching tv.

5 – 6 pm  – This is usually the tough period.  He will be opening and closing the fridge and asked me, “Ibu, berapa lama lagi”.  And, I would usually responded to him with a little bit of ‘tipu sunat’ :D.

7 pm        –  I have to hidang all the food on the table already.  His curious mind then will be at ease as he knows, the berbuka will be soon.  Pandai tak I?

And wait till Azan Maghrib berkumandang, just seeing him at that table, melt my heart away.

Oh Ajin sayang Ibu, Im soooooo proud of you !

11 hari today kan sayang? Alhamdulillah…


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