Phase II of Ramadhan 2011

We had Mc D for buka puasa yesterday 🙂

Every year at every Ramadhan, we made it a point to choose a day or two to actually melayan anak-anak ribena kami and berbuka at a fast food restaurants.

So, yesterday was the the first time for this year-lah.  Children were of course super thrilled! Well, I am not tho 😀

Usually, I follow-lah and eat-lah Mc D. But yesterday, I told my betterhalf that I do not think I can swallow burger or fries for berbuka.

So, ding dong. Both me and him decided to get ourselves nasi kerabu instead for berbuka.  Kinda funny bila tengok ada dua regime, satu makan fast food, satu lagi makan nasi kerabu dengan selambaaaaanya. Haha.

Well, tak de orang sound so ok-lah kan?  hehe.

And as of yesterday, we have now at our Ramadhan Day 12, second phase –  Mencari Magfirah (Pengampunan dari Allah SWT), Alhamdulillah.  So, let us banyak-banyak beristighar dan mencari keampunan dari Allah SWT, InsyaAllah.

Let us all navigate in becoming better ummah!

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