Old room, new colour & a bed :)

My 14 year old son’s bed recently ‘patah’ :D.  Reasons for it best kept to him jer lah…

This Ramadhan finally menemukan rezeki kami to get him his new bed.

My son nih, Abang Ngah as we fondly call him, is an absolute ease and very obedient son, Alhamdulillah. He does not usually ask much for himself.  But this time round, he asked if he could also get his room a re-paint.

So, ok a re-paint it is then.  Begitu bersungguh-sungguh mengecat bilik dia sendiri. Sampai kul 2 pagi gitu.

Yesterday, finally his new bed arrived! Considering his age and ‘size’, we decided to get him a queen divine bed.  He chose this …

Time katil tuh sampai, member kat sekolah, so kena la lenjan dulu oleh adik-adik terchinta 😀

To Abang Ngah, Ibu had to say this – jangan sampai susah bangun pagi k.  hehe.

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