A complete birthday…

Birthday is an instrumental piece to me.

Inherit or not, so does all my children.  We look forward for all birthdays, all year round.  The most recent birthday celebration in our family was of course,  yours truly la kan.

It was a blissful day with all the hand sketched birthday cards from my children.  They just can’t wait for the clock to strike midnite to wish me.

The celebration was simple and meaningful. Along eventually came back at the very last minute over the weekend that spiced the whole celebration. The birthday song was choired and it filled my heart with enchanted feeling that is simply irresplaceable…


This year particularly was a special year. I find peace in my heart looking at all our five children who have now grown up.  Along and Hazim eventually forked out their bank account money and bought me a present *teary* .  It was never a present that I longed but I had this goosebumps and burning tears everytime I look into their innocent faces and acknowledged how big they all have become. Both of them used to just make a card and that has always suffice for me.

Razin however was the the star of the day on that beautiful 7/8.  He was all gloomy from morning sebab tidak buat kad.  He said he does not know how to do it, just yet (of course la sayang, you are only 6 maaaa).

At six years of age, in between his wailings, he suddenly gave me one bigggggggggggggggg hug and kiss and said this – “Ibu, ini birthday card kita untuk Ibu …”. Owhhh owhhh … *teary* again 😦

My birthday this year was complete and I thanked Allah SWT and cited my Syukur Alhamdulillah for all of you, with every breath that I take : betterhalf, Along, Abang Ngah, Sarah, Syaza and Ajin Piji 🙂

I love you all more than I love myself !

Selamat berbuka!

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