Mee Kuoh

Fourth day in Ramadhan 2011. Jom tengok resepi jom.

Everytime when Im pregnant, I craved for this meal. Me and my horrible morning sickness can only swallow this. Pelik tapi benar kan?

Ok here goes. The name of this meal, back where I came from 🙂 , kita panggil – mee kuoh. (ku-woh).  Go figure lor dialek negeri mana tuh. hehe

Now that is Ramadhan, you might want to try? Its an absolute ease to prepare this meal.  And to make it easier, Im gonna give the visual affects as well ya.

So, bahan bahan dia : 3 perkara.

1.  They are – chopped garlic, cili padi and tomatoes.

2.  I also prepared air rebusan daging.  Estimated time to rebus is about an hour. This air rebusan will be the kuah later.

3.  And finally, of course the sayur.  Usually I use sawi for green-ness.

4.  Tumiskan 3 bahan yang di atas tadi, cam ni..

Bila dah kuning and naik bau, taruk lah daging tadi bersama air rebusannya.  Note* mee kuning akan serap kuah, so do prepare enough kuah la ya.

Pas tuh masuk kan mee kuning. For extra taste – I put black pepper, loads of them

Don’t forget the garam ya.

Bila dah didih, angkat la.. Tara dah siap.

Bila nak makan nanti, perah kan limau ok?  Sedap sangat.

Cuba lah! Nyums nyums.. 🙂

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