Ramadhan 2011 pergi, Syawal menanti…


Entry ini ditulis sementara menunggu subuh di Ramadhan terakhir 2011 😦

Hati terasa tersangat sayu dan tiada lagi sahur selepas hari ini. Hiba seikhlasnya. Pelik betapa jiwa berbaur rasa sayu tapi gembira mengenangkan Ramadhan yang akan berlalu pergi dan menyambut Syawal yang pasti menanti.

Tidak akan lagi perlu Ibu menggendong anakanda Razin turun menyuruhnya bersahur pada tahun ini. Ajin akan selalu tertidur di meja dan Ibu akan menyuapnya sahur. Oh anakanda. See sayang, Ramadhan 2011 sudah hampir pasti pergi..

Hari raya pasti ditunggu dan disambut gembira kan?

Ramadhan yang akan berlalu didoakan adalah Ramadhan terbaik bagi Hani, suami dan anak-anak, InsyaALLAH!

Ramadhan ini juga masih menyaksikan Bonda Fatimah masih terlantar di CCU Serdang 😦

Kami sekeluarga dan adik-adik bersolat hajat dan bersedekahkan Yaasin buat Bonda memohon dan meminta petunjuk dan pertolongan dari ALLAH.

Our brother, Anjang wrote this in his sms to all of us yesterday, that we should always baik sangka kepada Mak Dan Allah. Doakanlah Mak, jika dia sakit, maka Allah ketemukanlah ubatnya. Jika sebaliknya, ya Allah biarlah dia pergi dengan baik, sebagai Islam Dan beriman. Memang sakaratul maut itu berat Dan syaitan sentiasa ingin menyesatkan umat Adam hingga saat akhir. Tapi kita yakin berkat doa anak-anak yang soleh, moga Allah makbulkan Mak dilindungi Allah, luas bercahaya kuburnya, dapat syafaat Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. dan menjadi penghuni Jannah Allah Maha Pengampun Maha Penyayang.

MasyaALLAH he is so right!

Kepada Ramadhan 2011, Hani ucapkan selamat tinggal dan bersempena Syawal 2011 – setulusnya menyusun jari sepuluh memohon kemaafan bagi setiap satu kesalahan dan bahasa dan adab Hani yang mungkin terkasar dan menyinggung sesiapa jua. Walahualam.

Salam lebaran 2011 buat semua. Mudahan hari kemenangan ini kita rayakan dengan penuh kesyukuran dan rasa gembira.

Azan subuh terakhir di Ramadhan 2011 sayup berlalu, jom solat semua …

Bunga api & an opinion

Cuba tengok sekeliling kita, sekarang !

Ada tak sesiapa yang kita tidak suka? Atau kita rasa, orang itu amat pelik dan tidak ramah? Tidak cantik? Tidak rajin dan pemalas?

Atau mungkin, ada tak sesiapa yang kita amat suka. Amat rajin. Amat wangi dan peramah. Cantik pulak tuh? That she or he is just perfect!

Ada tak?

Allah SWT Maha Mengetahui kenapa sifatnya kita macam itu kan? Every single breath that we take, we always have an opinion, about someone or something. Sungguh kreatif kita kan?

Tetapi, that very same creativity is stopped at that. We never once have an opinion about ourselves kan? Haha.  Sungguh tidak adil kita.

Well, agaknya sebab itu lah kita nih manusia dan bukan malaikat kot.


Well, today would be my last day in office for this  Ramadhan.  Im taking leave tomorrow and Friday to visit mom in hospital.  I had my good times and not-so-good times with her honestly as the first daughter in law. Me however, only interested in moving on.  Past had gone and done with. I just want to fill the time that Allah SWT spares to just becoming a better Insan, InsyaAllah.  Ramadhan is just so right to correct the wrongs.

Wailing and complaining never take anyone anywhere kan?

To echo to – life is never stagnant, Im sharing some photos taken just a day before nenek diaorang masuk hospital. Raya is just don’t quite feel right without bunga api kan?

To nenek, eat something please…


Dugaan Ramadhan & Lailatul Qadar


Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan 2011 is at its final draw.  Hari mencari Lailatul Qadar, InsyaAllah.

Hani doa banyak-banyak Allah SWT mempertemukan kami anak-beranak dengan Malam Lailatul-Qadar – Malam yang sunat dicari, kerana malam ini merupakan suatu malam  yang diberkati serta mempunyai kelebihan dan diperkenankan doa oleh  Allah S.W.T. Malam Lailatul-Qadar adalah sebaik-baik malam mengatasi  semua malam termasuk malam Jumaat. Allah S.W.T. berfirman dalam Surah  Al-Qadr 97: Ayat 3.


Malam Lailatul – Qadar lebih baik daripada seribu malam.


Hari-hari terakhir Ramadhan 2011 juga datang menduga kami.  My mother-in-law was admitted to CCU Serdang Hospital on Saturday last. She has been sickly these past months and Saturday was the final draw as she laid unconsious in my sister in law’s, Alia’s living room 😦

She is slightly better as of now but still under close observation by the kind doctors and nurses there.  Please keep her in our doa so that, Syawal 2011 akan dapat dirayakan bersama, sekali lagi.

Being in and out the hospital visiting and caring for her, is a scarry mirror image for myself.  I hope when Im all old and sickly, there will be someone yang jiwa dan hati diterangi oleh Allah SWT dan seikhlasnya would care for me…




Ibu, please can I eat?

Training course untuk berpuasa

9 am   –  He got up.  Still ok.

10 am  – He is a bit cranky, but ok.

11 am – 12 noon –  “Ibu, Can I please eat”

1 – 2 pm  – I have to ensure he got his PSP, Ipad or any source or games to just occupy him.

3 – 5 pm  – He is back to his usual self, playing and watching tv.

5 – 6 pm  – This is usually the tough period.  He will be opening and closing the fridge and asked me, “Ibu, berapa lama lagi”.  And, I would usually responded to him with a little bit of ‘tipu sunat’ :D.

7 pm        –  I have to hidang all the food on the table already.  His curious mind then will be at ease as he knows, the berbuka will be soon.  Pandai tak I?

And wait till Azan Maghrib berkumandang, just seeing him at that table, melt my heart away.

Oh Ajin sayang Ibu, Im soooooo proud of you !

11 hari today kan sayang? Alhamdulillah…


Phase II of Ramadhan 2011

We had Mc D for buka puasa yesterday 🙂

Every year at every Ramadhan, we made it a point to choose a day or two to actually melayan anak-anak ribena kami and berbuka at a fast food restaurants.

So, yesterday was the the first time for this year-lah.  Children were of course super thrilled! Well, I am not tho 😀

Usually, I follow-lah and eat-lah Mc D. But yesterday, I told my betterhalf that I do not think I can swallow burger or fries for berbuka.

So, ding dong. Both me and him decided to get ourselves nasi kerabu instead for berbuka.  Kinda funny bila tengok ada dua regime, satu makan fast food, satu lagi makan nasi kerabu dengan selambaaaaanya. Haha.

Well, tak de orang sound so ok-lah kan?  hehe.

And as of yesterday, we have now at our Ramadhan Day 12, second phase –  Mencari Magfirah (Pengampunan dari Allah SWT), Alhamdulillah.  So, let us banyak-banyak beristighar dan mencari keampunan dari Allah SWT, InsyaAllah.

Let us all navigate in becoming better ummah!

Old room, new colour & a bed :)

My 14 year old son’s bed recently ‘patah’ :D.  Reasons for it best kept to him jer lah…

This Ramadhan finally menemukan rezeki kami to get him his new bed.

My son nih, Abang Ngah as we fondly call him, is an absolute ease and very obedient son, Alhamdulillah. He does not usually ask much for himself.  But this time round, he asked if he could also get his room a re-paint.

So, ok a re-paint it is then.  Begitu bersungguh-sungguh mengecat bilik dia sendiri. Sampai kul 2 pagi gitu.

Yesterday, finally his new bed arrived! Considering his age and ‘size’, we decided to get him a queen divine bed.  He chose this …

Time katil tuh sampai, member kat sekolah, so kena la lenjan dulu oleh adik-adik terchinta 😀

To Abang Ngah, Ibu had to say this – jangan sampai susah bangun pagi k.  hehe.

A complete birthday…

Birthday is an instrumental piece to me.

Inherit or not, so does all my children.  We look forward for all birthdays, all year round.  The most recent birthday celebration in our family was of course,  yours truly la kan.

It was a blissful day with all the hand sketched birthday cards from my children.  They just can’t wait for the clock to strike midnite to wish me.

The celebration was simple and meaningful. Along eventually came back at the very last minute over the weekend that spiced the whole celebration. The birthday song was choired and it filled my heart with enchanted feeling that is simply irresplaceable…


This year particularly was a special year. I find peace in my heart looking at all our five children who have now grown up.  Along and Hazim eventually forked out their bank account money and bought me a present *teary* .  It was never a present that I longed but I had this goosebumps and burning tears everytime I look into their innocent faces and acknowledged how big they all have become. Both of them used to just make a card and that has always suffice for me.

Razin however was the the star of the day on that beautiful 7/8.  He was all gloomy from morning sebab tidak buat kad.  He said he does not know how to do it, just yet (of course la sayang, you are only 6 maaaa).

At six years of age, in between his wailings, he suddenly gave me one bigggggggggggggggg hug and kiss and said this – “Ibu, ini birthday card kita untuk Ibu …”. Owhhh owhhh … *teary* again 😦

My birthday this year was complete and I thanked Allah SWT and cited my Syukur Alhamdulillah for all of you, with every breath that I take : betterhalf, Along, Abang Ngah, Sarah, Syaza and Ajin Piji 🙂

I love you all more than I love myself !

Selamat berbuka!