Miss Kate vs Mr Adnan

The ying and the yang.

The 🙂 and the 😦

14 July 2011 is marked nicely in my life calendar as memories.

They always say, lets hear the good news first kan?

So here is the rewarding moment.  My Miss Kate has finally arrived from LA via a dear friend.

Cantikkk sangat.  Tengok nih…

The seronok part is, infact I dapat 2. Ahaks.. so another one is this….

Gosh. Im loving it. Both! Alhamdulillah.  Seronok dia macam makan durian musang king gitu…hehe.

Ok now. The ‘teary’ part…

I actually almost hate to put up here 😦 But as I want to also remember this forever, so here is the news.

My all time favourite guy is leaving me.  He has not step out from the office as I am writing this, but saying good bye to him will kill me.  So, let us not say good bye but ‘until we meet again’ it is… 😦

This guy here…

… is leaving me.

Today is his last day in the office and I miss him already 😦 ….

4 Replies to “Miss Kate vs Mr Adnan”

  1. Ehemm… Good morning kak lang! Amboi2….envy la dapat si KS tu!!! Not one but TWO!!!! But im happy for you sis! btw murah ke buy direct from US? Me ade jugak eye-ing but still on saving mode! hehehehe…


  2. 🙂 hey cuz.

    KS is wayyy cheaper in US. Timing is right as well as 4 July is their Independence Day. Got extra discounts lor.

    Your time will soon come k.


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