Yogjakarta, May 28 – May 31, 2011

There is something very sweet about this trip.  Not about me travelling and having the good time.  It is sweeter than that 🙂

As per our previous trips, this one had also been planned almost a year ago.  Apa lagi, to grab the good price deal-lah.  But this time round, as the time was nearing, I had issues that almost caused me this trip. But it was a strength of a friendship that touch my heart deeply and I finally flew off to Jogja with my gang di subuh-subuh hari itu. Well, you know who you are – muchas gracias gang, I love you thisssssssssssssssssssss big.

It was actually a trip to Jogja and Solo at one go.

The plan was to spend a night in Solo first and to only discover Yogjakarta the next day.  As we arrived that day, the pak cik driver yang sungguh sabar itu, met us at the airport and drove us to our very first destination – Candi Prambanan.  You may read about it HERE if you like. For knowledge purpose it is.

The Candi Prambanan was along the way to Solo.  Note to all, Solo is a district where everything is about batik and batik is about everything-lah. Juling-juling mata I sampai menengok semua batik-batik, right from the bekas habuk rokok right on to the most expensive batik clothings and paintings.

So here it is. First stop @ Candi Prambanan.  Weather was humid that day but sempat lagi mengambil tons and tons of photos.  Fuyo.

@ Chandi Prambanan.  Che wah quite a pose huh (nak hide saiz badan sebenarnya. haha).

@ eeee cantiknya….. background dia la (*mode* perasan hokay).

My eldest girl said this to me on the day that I took off to Jogja, “Yealah Ibu. Pergi lah tengok temple-temple tuh semua” (eh jeles la tuh sebab tak dapat ikut??).

But I said this to her, “Memang lah bukan nak pergi menyembah pun kat candi-candi tuh sumer”.

But now I have this to said to her, “Candi Prambanan is indeed a piece of human’s art. And it is superbly amazing”.  And yep, I said it all.

It is indeed proclaimed by the net as the most beautiful temple in the world hokay!!

We arrived in Solo almost 3 hours later.  Veryyyyy the bumpy and tiring 3 hours, I must admit.

The second day major event was Kawasan Merapi.  Some photos are below.

@ 😦 meremang bulu roma and mood sedih gila bila sampai di kawasan merapi. This is the result of the musibah gunung api meletus on that fateful 28 October 2010.  Subhanallah. You may read HERE if you want to read further of what happened that fateful day.

@ I wish I could explain here. I did not capture it rightfully. It was once a village with hundreds of people living in it. But today, this is all that left. All that I captured was a clear sulfur deserted land.

Later in the day, this was where we were.

@ I read about it from my school books. And Im here?? Alhamdulilllah rasa cam tak caya.

@Chandi Borobudur. Mana leh tak posing maut kan? 7 wonders of the world tuh! (eh ye ka – mode tak sure 😀 )

Oh no. Another one? haha.  Actually kan banyak lagi gambar-gambar in a similar pattern ($#2!*7yt!) hehe phewit.  Sila la layan we all di www.facebook. com 🙂

Ok peeps.  Love you and note to self – can’t wait to travel again. Soon. Tunggukan kemunculan kami ok. Yippie!

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