Razin & Ali

Both of them are 6 years old this year.  And they are cousins, by blood.

Razin is ours while Ali is Alia’s.  Alia’s hubby, Bang Chik is my bro in law 🙂 (I know you all know-lah how are they related, but sajeee buat you all konpius, haha).

These two super active boys are very unique in their super-charming ways.

They both can actually be together for over 24 hours without a fight.  To me, this is very adoring.

At their age, boys would usually fight almost over anything at all.  They are afterall boys, kecik lagi pulak tuh. Sure fight fight and berebut over toys punya lah.

Tapi itu-lah, these two – they don’t.

They share.

They play.

They laugh.

… together.

And they forgive each other all the time !

The inseparable two 🙂

They both go to the same tadika. And the same Taska right after that.  Yet still on weekends, would be bugging both me and  Alia (Ali’s Umie) for sleep overs!

Only yesterday, I went to the Taska for the Parents Meeting and this was what the teacher’s remark  :

“Panggil Ali, Razin datang. Panggil Razin, Ali datang”… I senyum jer lah.

Janji korang dua orang jadi anak yang baik dan soleh ok.  Muahs Ibu loves you both very much 🙂

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