Entry sedih :(

The week is ending.  I should be jumping. Happy. But am not 😦

Whenever Im in the state of ‘not knowing’, I will have stuff loading in my thoughts and will exhaust my sanity.

They say, a person’s ego can be as big as Texas, hence in my case right now is my sadness.

The only thing that keep me going is my love for my family and my buddies. sighhh

10 Replies to “Entry sedih :(”

  1. I’ve actually hop hopping to your blog before but tak perasan pulak that ‘fit’ entry..i just remembered reading before and saying to myself “Sarah Milia…sedapnya namaa dia..”

    I hope you’re sadness will go away soon. 🙂


  2. sadness is probably just a state of mind. I guess, if I don’t mind so much, than the sadness won’t be so bad.

    🙂 thank you for dropping in. x0x0 to the little Adam (even tak kenal).


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