And here they are…

Cerita panjang – sangat panjang.

Cerita pendek – they are back in Malaysia from the past two weeks after almost 7 years.

They say, photo speaks a thousand words kan.  🙂

The Number 4 – Fatimah.

The Number 3 – Khadijah.

from left, Fatimah, The Number 2 Aishah and Khadijah.

From left : Fatimah, The Number 5 Aminah, Aishah and Khadijah.

My gurl, Sarah and the Aussie gurls 🙂

My Bro-in-laws. The one in songkok is our Along.

My favourite guys 🙂

The Aussie cuzons from different angle 🙂

Dont wait another 7 years to come back ay.. 🙂


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