Cuti tapi tak serupe cuti :)

Wah wah sumer orang enjoy ek. Long holidays. I tengok kat fb sumer orang jalan-jalan cari makan jerk. Jeles I tau.

Sebabnyer kita tak dapat jalan jalan macam you all.

But Im alrite jer sebenarnya. Coz I have instead hosted a packed of sedara mara who came during the CNY break from their respctive towns and visited us. Murah rezeki per, Alhamdulillah.

Hani selalu cakap dengan anak-anak, if ada tetamu datang rumah, rezeki datang bersama-sama tuh. Must always dahulukan mereka, in whatever area it is pun.

Anyways, my beloved kakak sulung and her extended family 🙂 sampai dulu from Kelantan. Feel ages tak jumpa my sister. Sekali-sekala when she came to visit, personally I felt awful because Im could not spend enough time to just lepak-lepak and chatting away with her.

We got tons of stuff to tell and share, but since im now managing my home without a ‘bibik’, most of the time I would be running up and down the stairs doing macam-macam. Sigh. I wished I had more time with her.

I prayed endlessly, that Allah SWT spare her and my dear brother in law good health. And I hope they are happy and at peace now that anak-anak mereka dah besar panjang and have their own families. Alhamdulillah.

Me and my kids cooked ‘big’ lunch that day and burrppppp. Alhamdulillah again.

Then, My Mak Itam and family arrived from Singapore and spent a night at our humble home. Again, I was running up and down the stairs but since Mak Itam I nih suka jalan-jalan. So, I spent quality time also in the car with her 😀

The sad part was of course, the parting. As everyone was leaving including my daughter, Miza who went back to her hostel, the house was suddently became very quiet.

Silent 😦

My heart ache for they need to go home, I know. But how I wished that clock slowed down a bit.

Sigh. Mudahan-mudahan kita semua diperpanjangkan usia untuk berjumpa lagi. Soon, InsyaAllah.

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