Feels forever that I did not update.  Well, loads to write actually, but there is just no way I could find the time to begin with. Haiya.

Anyways, kids are all home. I fetched Along on Saturday last and our family feels complete again.  My better half was away abroad then but came back the next day to wrap it up nicely, Alhamdulillah.

Perhaps next quick update to begin with is my 14 year old son, Hazim. His dream is to become a chef. Over the past few days, he has been happily learning to cook sambal lemak udang, sambal ikan, roasted chicken and stuff. Wow 🙂

I must admit that seeing him all grown up and ‘big’ – Im all syukur for him.  He is my right hand man nowadays when it come to house chores eversince bibik left.

I uploaded some gambar of his meal legends in my fb.

Abang Ngah, jom triffle esok nakkk ?? 😀

Next thing is about this amazing blog that I recently stumbled upon.  Read up http://masafzal.blogspot.com/.

😦 the profound owner of the blog was young doctor who had sadly however passed away at the tender age of 26.  He ended his battle and sufferings with cancer and return to His Creator on the wee morning of December 17, 2010.

His strong-willed and dearest mom is taking over the blog at the moment for sharing purposes.  Very aspiring writings for me personally as a person, mother and wife.  Often enough nowadays, when the days are down and morale is low, I go there for strength.

My Al Fatihah to his family, May Allah SWT rewards him Jannah with the righteous and the pious.

What else is there to share? 

Oh yeah, my Ajin Piji is all healthy, jumpy and happy to be home from SJMC  –  Both at school and home.  I  must admit though, that after that traumatic day, Im not all over with it just yet and often checking on him just to ensure that he is alrite.  Alhamdulillah.

Work? busy as everrr lorr .. ARggghhhhh ( so lets not update k).

Ok peeps. Enjoy the long break that is coming our way.  🙂 I know I will.  My sista is coming to visit.  Yippie !!

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