BFF – best friend forever !

My no 3, Sarah came to seek some ‘wise words’  about some issues with her friends the other day. Looking straight into her tiny and teary eyes that day, I could tell that she was sad and worried at one go.

At 10 years of age, how could she possibly know that the sets of friends and the ‘what-ever-issues’ that she is enduring today may result her a lifetime friendship.

I guess she will never know that some of her friends today will be the ones that will hold her hands tight through her thick and her thin, through her laugh and tears, through her rough and good times, some 20 years later? That they could be the ones who would afterall give her that much needed hug and tell her that everything will be alright. Would she ever know?

One cruel thing about life is that, it can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward. In another word, she will not have clarity and her answers to some things in her life today, not only until later it is.

Well anyways…., I dropped everything that I was doing then, and spared some time talking to her about the beauty of friends and friendships.

I had done the same with my eldest, Miza few years back when she started her life as a boarding-school girl. As a mother, I wanted only the happiest for my anak-anak. I pray endlessly for them to have a happy life. And believe  me my little girls, happiness is very much defined by people around you – that would be families and friends.

I, for one had have a blissful life. Im surrounded by so many people who loves me. I thank Allah SWT endlessly, everyday for everything and everybody that I have in my life, Alhamdulillah.

And I want my children to have the same. The very same friendship that I have. Very often when I find myself fading in my own emotions, I closed my eyes and came out from it, realizing that my friends are one of my key strength.

And the only way to have a true friend, is to be one.

My friends, they are my comfort. My true BFF (copyright from Sarah’s diary 🙂  accepts me just for who I am.  Eventhough they know that sometimes I can be slightly ‘cracked’… 😛

Todate, I am blessed with friendships that have lasted over 20 years, if not more !!

Very often we met over coffee. We find time just to be with each other. Not to mention the countless phone calls at any time during a day, sms-es, emails, tele-conferencing, YM-ing, FB-booking, you name it. We have done them all.

The peak of it for the first quater of 2011, was our Penang trip that we had over the weekend last 🙂

Allah saja yang tahu, the the amount of fun and food that we had. It was the much needed break that we all been craving for and need. All six of us, packed our stuff and left for Penang at the early morning of Saturday, 12 February.

I wish I could publish the hundreds of photos that we snapped during the short weekend trip that we had, but for some highly private ‘technical’ issues – I cant. We however, after passing a very tight cencorship board (hehe) uploaded the photos at our FB for our private viewing. 😀

To my BFF (ahaks) – I just love you. full stop. Beyond these legendary three, wo ai ni words, I do not have anything else to say

Cuti tapi tak serupe cuti :)

Wah wah sumer orang enjoy ek. Long holidays. I tengok kat fb sumer orang jalan-jalan cari makan jerk. Jeles I tau.

Sebabnyer kita tak dapat jalan jalan macam you all.

But Im alrite jer sebenarnya. Coz I have instead hosted a packed of sedara mara who came during the CNY break from their respctive towns and visited us. Murah rezeki per, Alhamdulillah.

Hani selalu cakap dengan anak-anak, if ada tetamu datang rumah, rezeki datang bersama-sama tuh. Must always dahulukan mereka, in whatever area it is pun.

Anyways, my beloved kakak sulung and her extended family 🙂 sampai dulu from Kelantan. Feel ages tak jumpa my sister. Sekali-sekala when she came to visit, personally I felt awful because Im could not spend enough time to just lepak-lepak and chatting away with her.

We got tons of stuff to tell and share, but since im now managing my home without a ‘bibik’, most of the time I would be running up and down the stairs doing macam-macam. Sigh. I wished I had more time with her.

I prayed endlessly, that Allah SWT spare her and my dear brother in law good health. And I hope they are happy and at peace now that anak-anak mereka dah besar panjang and have their own families. Alhamdulillah.

Me and my kids cooked ‘big’ lunch that day and burrppppp. Alhamdulillah again.

Then, My Mak Itam and family arrived from Singapore and spent a night at our humble home. Again, I was running up and down the stairs but since Mak Itam I nih suka jalan-jalan. So, I spent quality time also in the car with her 😀

The sad part was of course, the parting. As everyone was leaving including my daughter, Miza who went back to her hostel, the house was suddently became very quiet.

Silent 😦

My heart ache for they need to go home, I know. But how I wished that clock slowed down a bit.

Sigh. Mudahan-mudahan kita semua diperpanjangkan usia untuk berjumpa lagi. Soon, InsyaAllah.



Feels forever that I did not update.  Well, loads to write actually, but there is just no way I could find the time to begin with. Haiya.

Anyways, kids are all home. I fetched Along on Saturday last and our family feels complete again.  My better half was away abroad then but came back the next day to wrap it up nicely, Alhamdulillah.

Perhaps next quick update to begin with is my 14 year old son, Hazim. His dream is to become a chef. Over the past few days, he has been happily learning to cook sambal lemak udang, sambal ikan, roasted chicken and stuff. Wow 🙂

I must admit that seeing him all grown up and ‘big’ – Im all syukur for him.  He is my right hand man nowadays when it come to house chores eversince bibik left.

I uploaded some gambar of his meal legends in my fb.

Abang Ngah, jom triffle esok nakkk ?? 😀

Next thing is about this amazing blog that I recently stumbled upon.  Read up

😦 the profound owner of the blog was young doctor who had sadly however passed away at the tender age of 26.  He ended his battle and sufferings with cancer and return to His Creator on the wee morning of December 17, 2010.

His strong-willed and dearest mom is taking over the blog at the moment for sharing purposes.  Very aspiring writings for me personally as a person, mother and wife.  Often enough nowadays, when the days are down and morale is low, I go there for strength.

My Al Fatihah to his family, May Allah SWT rewards him Jannah with the righteous and the pious.

What else is there to share? 

Oh yeah, my Ajin Piji is all healthy, jumpy and happy to be home from SJMC  –  Both at school and home.  I  must admit though, that after that traumatic day, Im not all over with it just yet and often checking on him just to ensure that he is alrite.  Alhamdulillah.

Work? busy as everrr lorr .. ARggghhhhh ( so lets not update k).

Ok peeps. Enjoy the long break that is coming our way.  🙂 I know I will.  My sista is coming to visit.  Yippie !!