Room 271, SJMC


Its 12.40 am as I am pouring this from room 271, SJMC. My 5 year old boy was rushed here on Saturday evening due to hi fever and fit.

There is never a single word or feeling to describe how I exactly feel right now as I sat here on the bed watching him sleeping soundly. Kasih Ibu membawa ke syurga…. may be this is the closest I can say, right this very second…

But as long as Im breathing this air that Allah SWT spares me, my whole life resolves around them. They are tatooed in my mind and soul, unconditionally always and forever, InsyaAllah. They are my everything.

As all of us has purpose living this life, while mothers and mine definitely is my family.  And again as a mother, until the day I return to my creator, my children rules the major part of my doa. I prayed for their well being all the time, endlessly.

On that unfortunate Saturday, as Razin was having fever from the earlier part of the day. I was never an inch away from him, sponging and monitoring.  I prayed and I worried for him. 

Allah Maha Mengetahui as the temperature must have risen and he had a fit.  And being in that brief, yet haunting and traumatic situation is like the longest 10 minutes of my life. Rasanya hanya Allah SWT sahaja yang tahu dan faham. Astaghfirullahalazim. Dengan ujian sebesar itu rupanya mahu menyedarkan Hani dengan pelbagai perkara. Wallahualam.

My boy is all ok now and will making our way to home sweet home esok. Alhamdulillah.

Syukur dan terima kasih untuk kesemua yang menziarah dan dengan dua’ dan ucap selamat for my son and family. Hani panjatkan kesyukuran untuk anda semua!

To my son, when you are all grown up and happen to read this – Ibu akan bergalang ganti nyawa Ibu for your pain, anytime. Mudahan Ajin membesar menjadi anak yang sihat dan soleh. Amin Ya Rabal Alamin.

I love you very much.


I uploaded some gambar later. For both me and beloved Ajin to one day recalled our tramautic moments that we both do not want to go through again, InsyaAllah. Ever.

As we checked in @ SJMC.  Still with his usual chirpy look. Walhal less than an hour before, Ibu macam tercabut nyawa riso.

Few minutes on his hospital bed for the very first time.  He kinda like the whole experience. Cam dok hotel katanya.

Kak Aja refused to leave him even for a sec and stayed with us in the hospital for two days. Poor gurl.

Ajin akhirnya changed into his hospital gown. Bangga giler ada wayar cucuk-cucuk.

On the day that we checked out. Our happy day. Alhamdulillah.

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