Im not well

As I am writing this, im under my thick duvet wearing a thick sock, feeling awful and tired with eyes wide open! The clock on my wall just striked 3 am…My body is aching. Im having stomach discomfort and my appetite for anything called food is zero 😦

What Im trying to say is that Im actually not well. Sigh. Less than an hour ago my hubby said this – u need to take it easy…

Thing is, take what easy?? I felt concern. For myself of course.

I have not done any thorough health screening for the longest time but had taken blood test on Tuesday last when doctor insisted due to some ‘signs’ that I have? And now anxiously waiting for the health verdict. Penantian itu memang painful – confirm!!

Anyway, what a year to start with huh??

Dear Allah, please spare me mercy 😦  …

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