Closure of twenty ten

I remembered the beach and the walk was mine
The journey was lengthy but worth my time
The sand was rough but felt the breeze
The water was tough and the coldness was eerie

Another year soon will pass but Im still here
I measured it countless time but cut it only once
Many had passed but am sturdy and firm here
For life is too short for me to just mourn …

As 2011 comes knocking on my door
I take a breather and making sure
That the challenges are to endure
And my life is definitely to treasure !

Adios 2010, welcome 2011 !!

Happy new year to all. Muahs love u 😀

The New Book…


I wish my betterhalf, anak-anak, families, sahabat-sahabatku, friends and dear readers – Salam Maal Hijrah.

As usual, the doa-doa for both penutup dan pembukaan is available all over the net just in case.

My doa is my family diberikan rahmat dan barakah dari Allah SWT agar disucikan hati-hati kami dari segala kegelapan dan kemungkaran…

Mudahan Tahun Baru dan Buku Baru memberi seribu pengertian buat kita semua….