say NO to CELCOM !

salam to all.

It has indeed been quite a while. Why eh? Life is tough… so many things to handle and settle.

Life goes on anyway 😀

I must be one loyal freak because I actually never change my mobile number from those ancient years….

Till today it is la…. 😛

I am no longer using celcom. I am now .. jeng jeng jeng…

so bye bye celcom, welcom maxis!! 😀

Ajin Piji – 2010 Year-end-party

Ala la shayang bucuk ibu senyum-senyum happy sungguh joget-joget kat stage 😀

Ibu and team enjoyed you tremendously !!!

Cuzons- Adam, Arisya and Ali had an equal happy times with you eh 🙂

Ibu apa tah lagi… hehe.  Yaayy…. year end party means – school holidays!!! Muahs love you my boy.

My Son is 13 !

I dare him..

To blow candle on his birthday..

And to sing sing and nyanyi nyanyi…

And to upload to youtube…

So the whole world can see…

Ada berani kaaaa???


Well, have a blastful birthday anyways dear son. Ibu loves you till death do us apart 🙂